The Ocean & The Star

'Why do you humans never learn?'

'Maybe because the stars are just sitting there, watching it all.'


A young writer asks a star to come down to earth and help him write a play. He knows that he is dying, and he has a story he is aching to tell before he does. The star agrees to break the unspoken agreement of the stars, and come down for three nights to help him.

They piece together the fragments of the writer's tale, and the star's own story begins to emerge. A story in which she was once human too, and she knew the writer in a very different form. As their worlds begin to collide, and the writer desperately tries to heal his wounds, the star unearths how deeply her own humanity has scarred her.

The piece involves themes of rape, LGBTQ+ rights and reincarnation. 


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Cyprus - ArtosHouse 27th July 6pm and 8pm -

Edinburgh - TheSpace on the Mile 4th-15th August - 

Production Trailer

Promotional Photoshoot @ Salt lake Larnaca

Rehearsal Photos

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